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Until Tomorrow...
Arashi Scene T-shirt 
19th-Jun-2011 06:21 pm
arashi one love
Hey, remember me? Yeah, the artsy one one on your flist who never posts xD Well, I had some time on my hands, and I'm going to a birthday celebration for Nino this weekend, so I decided to make this. I've always wanted the shirt, but wouldn't pay the money for it xD


I am the sloppiest painter I've ever seen, so I turned a paint blob into the Arashi mark.


I think I'm going to need more glitter glue to make the rainbow on the back like I want to (><)

Oh, and the dome version of the con is AWESOME. The majority of the songs are better, and the member-ai is overflowing. Not to mention the third disk is worth every yen of the price. Okay, that is all so I don't *spoil* you xD
20th-Jun-2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Hei, that's kanji is good. Although that paint blop looked like a skull XDDD
27th-Jun-2011 04:55 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for the jump in and was scrolling around ... and I found this and I was excited because I was certain I was not the only one who did this but but awesome job! Ours needed more glitter too, but it was hard to get the glitter glue to stick and I was worried that after one wash it might come off. So I 'painted' (read that as poured) over the glitter glue with glitter nail polish. And waited for it to dry and ironed over it with a piece of cloth. Mine has had two washes and the children one. It seems to be ok.

I love that you coloured your clouds differently! My girl (11) added Arashi members to hers and my boy (8) was lazy. And your kanji came out better that ours did. Ours is definitely more blobby.

This was a school holiday project. It gave the children something to do for three days anyways.

We also wanted the t-shirt! This seemed like a good and fun alternative. ^_^

Sorry for the jump in, I wanted a reference and I just googled 'Arashi scene t-shirt' and yours was the third from the top.

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