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So, I've decided to go semi-friends only. I feel like I'm neglecting my friends on here, so I'm going to start writing more and I don't feel like telling the whole world what I'm doing.

Introductory post is here

All of my translations, graphics, and stories will be public, but everything else is going to be locked. I may go back and lock my old fangirling entries, too. However, if you are interested in Arashi, News, Lead, and/or Run&Gun, please feel free to friend me because I can never have enough friends in any of those fandoms (and I talk about them a lot). Just be sure to leave me a note or comment on why you're friending me, or I probably won't friend you back. Oh, and I write in Japanese occasionally, and I usually translate it (^^;;)


☆Please join rg_eiyaku  , where my Run&Gun blog translations will be posted!!

★Do you like Arashi? Like fanfics? Like zombies? Then you should read "The Lost", a collaboration by astrangerenters and katmillia . Rated R. Here. One of the best, if not the best, Arashi fic ever IMO.

☆Need Arashi crack?  Then go here.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 宜しくお願いします! m(_ _)m
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Hey, remember me? aka 25 days of Sakumoto masterpost.

I'm still alive!! Yes, I realize my last entry was over a month and a half ago.
Nothing really interesting has happened to me in that time, tho. No developments in life.

Anyway, I found this 25 Days of Sakumoto thing on tumblr, and decided to do it. At least it will keep me writing for 25 days :3

# How you found out about Sakumoto or what got you to love it
# A picture of Chibi!Sakumoto
# What you wish Sakumoto would do in a concert
# Sakumoto Quote
# Gif
# Fanvid or Clip
# VS Arashi moment
# Himitsu no Arashi-chan moment
# Arashi no Shukudai-kun moment
# Favorite Sakumoto Wallpaper
# Favorite Sakumoto Fanfic
# A song you’d like them to do a duet of
# A song that reminds you of Sakumoto
# Sakumoto moment in a PV
# Make something, anything of Sakumoto that’s fanart
# If they were to be in a drama together, what kinda roles would you want them to play.
# Sakumoto Fact (try to find something most of us don’t know)
# Any scan that you just really love
# A junior days moment
# Your opinion: Jun as a Semi or Uke or vice versa
# Why you like Sakumoto, or why is it your OTP?
# Arashi ni Shiyagare moment
# Something that you own that makes you think of Sakumoto
# Anything random
# Why do you want Sakumoto to hug so much?
arashi one love

Arashi Scene T-shirt

Hey, remember me? Yeah, the artsy one one on your flist who never posts xD Well, I had some time on my hands, and I'm going to a birthday celebration for Nino this weekend, so I decided to make this. I've always wanted the shirt, but wouldn't pay the money for it xD


I am the sloppiest painter I've ever seen, so I turned a paint blob into the Arashi mark.


I think I'm going to need more glitter glue to make the rainbow on the back like I want to (><)

Oh, and the dome version of the con is AWESOME. The majority of the songs are better, and the member-ai is overflowing. Not to mention the third disk is worth every yen of the price. Okay, that is all so I don't *spoil* you xD
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25 Days of Sakumoto, Days 19 & 20

# A junior days moment

I'm going to do another translation here ^^

From Duet 1998 (it doesn't say the month f^^)
Sakurai Sho
In the Juniors, who would you want to be (fill in the blank)
Matsumoto Jun, I guess. He's just clingy.

# Your opinion: Jun as a Semi or Uke or vice versa

I really don't think either of them take only one role. I can see them both taking turns when one feels like being in charge. They both have strong personalities, and I can't see one being uke for very long. Jun can be pushy and Sho is just so eager to please...

I realized I missed two days, so I put them after this. You wouldn't have noticed had I not said anything, I bet!
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25 Days of Sakumoto, Day 18

#Any scan that you really just love

;A; You only want one??? Okay then, here's one

I love how it looks like Jun is stealing Sho's food....and is proud :3 And I love Sho's ridiculous shocked face xD Or Sho could be baffled by that string coming from Jun's mouth....
sj manga

25 Days of Sakumoto, Day 14-16

Because I've been so bad with this, I'm doing three in a row xD

# Sakumoto moment in a PV
I love the time where they're fighting over who's going to get the biggest room in the My Girl PV <3

# Make something, anything of Sakumoto that’s fanart
Not really 'art' per say, but I've been crocheting lately, and I consider this my Sakumoto headband, because it's pink and purple and red :3

# If they were to be in a drama together, what kinda roles would you want them to play.
I could see them in something like CSI xD Sho would be the (somewhat) seasoned veteran, and Jun would be the new guy who just happens to get teamed up with him. Oh gosh, I want to write a fic of this now xD
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25 Days of Sakumoto, Day 13 and rediculous ANO conversation about SJ xD


A song that reminds you of Sakumoto

I'll have to go with the flow, and say Refrain. Because you know, "We couldn't be honest on that day, only looking at the side of each other's faces." So Sakumoto-esque. Yeah.

So, I've been super bored at work these last few days (I thought Golden Week was over!), and today, I came up with a ridiculous conversation about Aiba, Nino, and Ohno confessing that Sakumoto exists. It goes a little like a magazine interview:

Nino: Ne, Sho-chan and Jun-kun, they really kiss often, ne.
Aiba: Ne, they even kiss in the dressing room.
Ohno: It's really strange, ne. Because those two are usually so serious, ne.
Aiba: Ne, more than us.
Nino: But, those two are really in love, ne.
Everyone: Ne~~~
Interviewer: So, it's not strange to see them kiss?
Nino: Not at all, because they're not long kisses. Just a quick peck on the cheek or lips.
Interviewer: Not strange in the least?
Everyone: Not in the least. (bust out laughing)

I really imagine Sho and Jun together, and not hiding it from the rest of Arashi. I can't imagine them doing anything to make the other three uncomfortable either, because like Ohno said, those two are really serious and conscious of others. Not to mention Arashi always seems like one big happy family ^^

Anyway, that was crazy me for a day. I promise your regularly scheduled 25 Days of Sakumoto will be back next time ^^
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25 Days of Sakumoto, Day 12

# A song you’d like them to do a duet of

Would it be too much to ask for a mash up of TABOO and Come Back to Me? Those are like the perfect songs about the other one...

And please, click on my journal to see my new layout rungunai made for me! I love it&hearts&hearts&hearts
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Beautiful World and 僕と君の見ている風景 Preorder Mini-saga


So, I heard allllllll about the news for the new album and DVD right before I went to bed last night from my Japanese twitter friends, and practically went crazy xD  Of course, my tlist followed in the flailing, so it was just crazy all over the place.  I ended up going to bed late (worth it!), and waking up early.  Here was my thought pattern upon waking before my alarm:

Mm, the bed feels nice ^_____^  I wonder what time is it? -_____-  And why do I feel like there something I was supposed to do today? O____o  OMG, PREORDER!!! O______________O

I jumped out of bed, ran to grab my phone, and was surprised to find that the link cdjapan gave me wasn't sold out.  So, I ran downstairs to get my computer and bought those suckers faster than you can say ARASHI, haha.  I even got the express shipping since I can afford it now, so it should get here within a few days of release, as opposed to a week and a half plus.

Alright, friends, who else is excited?!